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This is a new wiki for a new game. So far there are very few bloggers who want to document their experience with the game. Would you like to join as a blogger?


ErinTheCunning ErinTheCunning 27 April 2020


It is nice to see how the Wiki kind of came to life, and there are more and more people to actively doing something/commenting on it. It would be selfish to think I created this, but who knows?

Also I added a few new pages, created a Tips masterpost,…

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ErinTheCunning ErinTheCunning 22 April 2020

How this works?

I just saw this blog feature and I don't really know what to think. 

Well... yep. Like, who would even read it? Or why? But whatever, if I found it, and I seem to have a mood for it, I am trying this out now.

So... in a blog, one usually put personal …

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CaptainStarbuck CaptainStarbuck 8 November 2019

He's Baaaaack!

As noted in a recent blog, I took a little break from this wiki and went on a little trip with "da wife". I was still playing the game but not as aggressively as before. Well, I'm back. Did ya miss me? Hmmm... Thought not...

As the game grows it beco…

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