Moonshades Wiki

As the game matures there are more places to find help. To start, visit this wiki occasionally to search for details and to see new updates.

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime.

In the game there are many clues to help you find items and solve puzzles. The answer to many questions like "where is this" and "how do I do this" is simply to play the game. Asking for help in public is not only going to spoil some fun for you but when solutions are posted it spoils the fun for everyone. The Lord of the Rings movies weren't about the destination, they were about the journey and the challenges. We like mystery movies and books, and grand adventures, because we don't know what's going to happen next - what fun would it be if we already knew all the secrets before we started?

Look for Notes. Open the book icons at the top of the game screen, go through each one, and read all of the tips that are available.

"Hope do I use this book, rune, or other item that can't be sold?" : Most of these items are for use in the Forge. Go to the forge and look at the recipes. Some items are used for quests or puzzles. Just hold the items and play the game until you figure out how to use them.

"Which key is used with which door?" You need to try them and figure it out. Tip: Some doors require a different kind of key.

Walk around the game. Look for hidden doors. Turn every corner. Don't leave a path unexplored.

Mobs will often drop items that lead to solutions. Kill every mob. Replay levels to get new rewards and new clues.

When you find a map, look at it carefully to see if you missed anything.

Sometimes you need to go far away from a problem to find the solution. You might need to go to another level to get an item that serves as a key to a door. You might want to ask for help but you might not have reached the solution yet.

The game community is growing too. Ask questions of fellow game players in the Facebook community or in the discussion area here. Help others when you can. It's not cool to post puzzle solutions. But it's OK to give a hint without completely giving away a solution. Tease people. Tips are great, tutorials and walkthroughs kill the fun.

caamecci has created a series of YouTube videos that walk through the game. Watch them in order! Warning ... SPOILERS!