Moonshades Wiki

The magic forge is an ancient device made by the Granwaise' keeping the power of the embers from the gods.


You can use the magic forge in a wide range to empower your characters. Make items stronger, create legendary potions, melt the unused equipment to a better one and more.

Tap on the items that you want to put in the forge then start the process by tapping on the Use button.

You can find recipes all around the world, but you don't need the recipe to use the forge. Try to experiment.

Tip: While in the forge, you can look at your recipes and you will see a fill button below each recipe. Fill will get ingredients from your storage as well, so you don't need to clutter your inventory.


You can get ingredients from chests or killing enemies and even from combining the ingredients.

Forge rune

You need one from this rune for most of the recipes.

Tier upgrade rune

Upgrade the tier of your equipment up to +7(+8). Each tier gives more power.


You can salvage your items with a salvage crystal.

Tier upgraded items: you have a chance to get back the tier runes.

Relic items: you have a chance to get back all or some of the ingredients you used for the item.

Normal items: you have a small chance to get some forge ingredients. For example forge rune, tier upgrade rune, salvage crystal, etc.


Name Description Ingredients
Add Socket Add a socket to an item. Items can have maximum of 4 sockets.
Air Element Orb Creates an Air Element Orb.
Chitin Stone Creates a Chitin Stone.
Cure Disease Potion Creates a Cure Disease Potion
Detect Potion Detect Hidden Doors for 120 seconds.
Enchant Use an equipment with one or multiple books of power / book vitality / book of spirit to add +5 for each book to the corresponding stat. The maximum number of enchantments is 10 per item.
Equipment Melting Sacrifice 4 items to make a random one with higher rarity. For example 4 rare gives 1 epic. The forge uses the lowest rarity item as the base. The best rarity you can get is legendary.
  • 4 Items
  • 1 Forge Rune
Double Experience Potion (large) Doubles the earned experience for 10 minutes.
Haste Potion (large) Halves the cooldown on all abilities for 10 minutes (only from the next use).
  • 1 Purple Magic Dust
  • 1 Demonic Fluid
  • 1 Misery Worm
  • 1 Ogre Heart
  • 1 Forge Rune
Health Potion (large) Restores 100% of your health.
  • 1 Purple Magic Dust
  • 1 Demonic Fluid
  • 1 Forge Rune
Health Potion (small) Restores 30% of your health.
Item Box Key (epic) Creates an Item Box Key used on Item Box (epic).
  • 1 Red Shard
  • 1 Purple Ingot
  • 1 Goblin Coins
  • 1 Purple Magic Dust
  • 1 Forge Rune
Item Box Key (legendary) Creates an Item Box Key used on Item Box (legendary).
  • 1 Eternal Hourglass
  • 1 Gold Ingot
  • 1 Kurewan Rune
  • 1 Urev Rune
  • 1 Forge Rune
Kurewan Rune Creates a Kurevan Rune.
Protection from Poison Potion Provides full protection from poison for 30 seconds.
Relic Creates an item with relic rarity from a legendary item. It's the best item rarity in the game - better than legendary and can be obtained only in the forge.
Resurrection Orb Resurrects a dead player.
Runestone Insert Some items have sockets, in which Runestones can be inserted to get their magic powers.
Runestone Removal Removes all Runestones from the item. The removed Runestones are lost.
Runestone Transmutation Transmutates 2 different runestones into the third of a lower rarity. E.g., epic amethyst & epic emerald will yield rare topaz.
  • 2 different runestones
  • 1 forge rune
Runestone Upgrade Upgrade Runestone to a higher rarity one. The forge uses the lowest rarity item as the base.
  • 4 of the same kind of Runestone
  • 1 Forge Rune
Salvage By using Salvage Crystal you have a chance to get forge ingredients.
The Blaze of Victory Upgrade the tier of your gear up to +7. Each tier gives more power. Each Upgrade Rune increases tier by 1.
Wave of Renewal Elixir Consume to reset dungeon timer


Tip on upgrading equipment

When you get deeper into the game, your equipments tend to be out dated. The effect will easily start to show when you try to do daily quest in hard mode because The level of monsters of daily quest is depended on your current level when entered the quest. You could either hope that you will get a better equipment dropped or from finishing the quest, but that will become rarer and rarer as it goes.

when you forge a better equality equipment, you will need 4 of the same quality equipments and a forge rune. The level of forged equipment is the round down of the average Level of all 4 equipments. For example, forging equipments level 20, 20, 20, 19 will result in level 19 equipment. Thus, if you are going for the best result, you would use only the same highest level possible of equipments.

This tip is to teach you how to get a legendary equipment of your choice. Though there is always a catch because nothing comes for free. There are requirements to do so and you May considered to do it after level 20 because the exp required to level for your characters start to jump (slow leveling).


  • Coins! - If you start from scratch, at level 20, you will need around 5,000 coins per legendary equipment. The higher level you are, the more money you will need. Though it won’t be that bad anymore because higher level mobs drop gears a lot more often For you to sell for coins.
  • Time! - There will be a lot of resetting the game (force quit & restart)
  • Inventory slots - You will need at least 17 available slots if you start from scratch

When you are ready, go to Black Smith (first level you enter the game). Talk to him and look at what he is selling. If you see any rare equipments (blue) at your current level, buy them and then Save the game. If you do not see any, force quit the game and get back to the game again. Rinse and repeat until you get enough number of rare equipments to combine. If you start From scratch, you will need 16 rare equipments.

Then you will need to buy Forge runes to combine rare equipment to epic, and then epic to legendary. If you start from scratch, you will need 5 Forge runes.

At this point, you should have 16 rare equipments, whose level are the same level as your current level, and 5 forge runes. Now go to the forge spot and combine 4 rare equipments and a forge rune to get an epic equipment. Notice that the epic equipment level is still at your level. Do that until you have 4 epic equipments and 1 forge rune left. Now SAVE the game again!

Now it is time for you to choose which legendary gear you want. Remember that you have saved the game? So you try to forge a legendary gear and look at it. If it is not what you want, force quit and restart the game. Keep doing until you get the equipment you want.

I hope this tip will help you go through the game easier later in the game.