Moonshades Wiki

This level is full of traps and could even be deadly!!!!!! O: There are many poison patches on the ground that cause damages while standing on them. Poison fog could be deadly if you stay inside it for too long. Fire room can kill you instantly. The map for this level can be found much later.

Even though poison fog is deadly, you can go through it without taking any damage if you have used a poison resistant potion. The potion recipe can be found in Tombs of the Cruel Wolf level 2, but you will need an item acquired on this level to open the path way to get there. After you go through the poison fog, you can open a door from the inside to get out to the hall way, so that you don’t need to go through the poison fog again.

If, for whatever reason, you forgot to open the door to the hall, ran out of the potion, no longer had ingredients to forge another poison resistant potion, and don’t want to keep killing mobs for the ingredients, you can brute force to go through the fog. However, you will need to be fast and you will need heal all + rejuvenate + at least 2 medium Health potions. Time to use healing abilities and potions correctly and you will be able to go through.

For fire room trap, you just need a blessing from a statue which could be found in the level.

For a room behind the purple bubble, check book shelves for the clue to open to the hidden room.

For the sleeping dragon, you need a book of dragon language in order to communicate with him. You can get a quest from him as well.

There are Many secret rooms in this level. Many chests are epic and legendary equipments.

Green key is used on a keyhole in a wall in the large room past the poison fog. This unlocks the door beside it.