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Spoiler Alert!

In my humble opinion maps like these kills the fun. But if you are absolutely stuck you can use these for help.

All maps in Google spreadsheet: ☀

All maps in Google spreadsheet with map followed by a hint page for those stuck.

Alternate maps with handy annotations (e.g. on how to defeat monsters, what quests npc provides, etc):

Use at own risk. As complete as I could make.

P.S. a helpful feature, if you tap the compass it gives you a mini map.

The Blacksmith

Tomb of the Cruel Wolf

Tombs of the Cruel Wolf Level 2 The Nether Chambers

The Voiceless Dungeon

Enchanted Labyrinth

The Fearsome Crypt


The Tombs of Terror Level 2

Hand built map. May has minor error but should be enough for you to beat the level (Feel free to improve the map).

The Tombs of Terror Level 2

Hand built. Subject to minor errors but enough for the level (Plz feel free to improve it).