Moonshades Wiki

The level is simpler than you expected.

There are many puzzles in this level. Start the level, you will see many locked doors and no enemy. This is the first puzzle. *hint* You will have to search for a hidden room.

There is a mini boss in this map as well. The boss could kill you if you are stuck in a dead end or one location, so do not stand still for too long.

Hint for a row of signs on the wall, what is missing that you can’t see? Also, if you step on the same spot, the game will count as you step in again regardless the floor has already been activated.

Hint for statue puzzle, do you remember the “exactly the same” statues you have seen so far in this level?

The rest of puzzles, you just need to explore the area as much as you can, and you may have to backtrack sometimes.

Tip: This is a great dungeon for finishing repeatable quests. Although there are no ogres, wraiths or ents, you got just about everything else.

You will get the third (last) quest item for the dragon in Gloomy Caverns here. You can go back to talk to the dragon and complete the quest, but there is nothing you can do here for now. If you stand next to the worm hole liked, your HP will be drained slowly. It is possible that this is the entrance to the next area, but who knows?