Moonshades Wiki

The entrance to this level is from Forgotten Cemetery. You will need a key (looks like skull) from Fearsome Crypt.

This level is different from any level you have been before. The map has 3 versions depending on the color of the map - red, blue, and green. You can change the map color by touching a mystical beast statue. Each color may open different paths in the forest. *hint* To open the entrance door, you need to turn around and play with map color.

What you need to do here is to get through the forest. There are 3 sections in this level. You need to open locked doors to get through each section. At the end of this level, you will need magic potions in order to obtain another quest item and a key to open the door to the end of this level. You can make the potions inside the forest. *hint* There are 2 different colors of magic potions.

At the end of the second section, you will find the level’s map.

At the end of this level, you will find a stair to Maze of the Damned.