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How to Enter The Pits

There are two ways to enter The Pits

  1. Select it from the brown book at the top of the screen. Then click on the double-headed axe on the right (2nd tab from bottom, just above the Gem Store tab). This method is only possible after finding the entrance.
  2. In Voiceless dungeon, enter the Trap Door near the stairs that go up to the Cruel Wolf 2 level.

What are The Pits?

The Pits are a challenge dungeon. Each level has a level range and will be progressively harder than the one before it. You can redo a level up to 4 times a day. The reset time is 13 hours after you enter the pit the first time of that day. For example, you enter the pit the first time of the day at 1:00pm. The reset will occur at 2:00am regardless of whether you have used up all 4 chances.

4 Urev runes and a forge rune can be used in the magic forge to create a Wave of Renewal potion to reset both the Arcane dungeons and The Pits timers.


What you are doing here is to get through the end of the pit and receive rewards. In order to do that, you will have to fight a Golem boss inside a big room (always the only big room in the map). The door to the room may be locked. If it is locked, you will need to find a key which is inside a sack in the dungeon. After you beat the Golem boss, it will drop another key to open the reward room. You still have to search for the room, so the journey is not ended here until you get to the room.

In the Pit, you will see monsters that can be found later in the game. There are hidden rooms containing chests (equipment of any quality). You may want to try to get through the dungeon as fast as you can because there isn’t a real purpose if the dungeon's levels range is lower than your heroes level.


The reward room is locked. You will need the key dropped by the Golem boss. Inside the room, there is a warp spot for you to go back to the Blacksmith. Also there are at least 2 chests. Each chest contains an equipment with quality at least rare (blue). There are chances that you could get epic or legendary quality as well, but the chances are better at higher levels. There is also a a very low chance of a 3rd chest inside the room containing either an epic or legendary Item Box. Either box requires a corresponding Item Box Key to open and contains a guaranteed socketed piece of equipment of the same rarity as the Item Box. All reward levels are within The Pit's level range.


Every level of The Pits has a Golem or Demon boss, who will spawn minions as its health decreases. Good idea to lead the boss out of its room to slay it without having to deal with its minions.

Level Enemies Boss
1 Spiders, Wraiths
2 Spiders, Wraiths
3 Spiders, Wraiths
4 Spiders, Wraiths
5 Ogres
6 Ogres
7 Ents, Wraiths
8 Ents, Wraiths
9 Ents, Wraiths
10 Spiders, Ents
11 Spiders, Ents, Wraiths
12 Wraiths, Ents, Spiders
13 Wraiths, Ents, Spiders
14 Wraiths, Ents, Spiders
15 Skeletons
16 Spiders, Ents
17 Skeletons, Spiders
18 Ogre Warrior, Ogre Brute, Heavy Ogre Golem
19 Ents, Ogre Warrior, Ogre Brute Demon
20 Ogre Brute, Spider, Skeleton Warrior Golem
21 Green Troll, Scream Troll, Wraith Golem
22 Zombie, Infected Zombie, Wraith Golem
23 Ents, Wraith, Wraith Cleric Golem
24 Wraith, Wraith Cleric, Blue Death Golem
25 Ents, Green Troll, Scream Troll Golem
26 Spiders Golem
27 Ent (green), Wraith, Wraith Cleric, Blue Death Golem
28 Ent (green), Skeleton Warrior, Wraith Demon
29 Ent (green), Spider, Wraith, Wraith Cleric Golem
30 Ent (green), Green Troll, Scream Troll, Blue Death Golem
31 Spiders, Wraiths, Ents
32 Spiders, Wraiths, Ents
33 Spiders, Wraiths, Ents
34 Spiders, Wraiths, Ents
35 Spiders, Wraiths, Trolls
36 Spiders
37 Spiders, Blue Death Golem
38 Spiders, Ents, Blue Death, Ogre Brute Golem
39 Spider, Ogre Brute, Heavy Ogre, Blue Death Golem
40 Spider, Ents, Blue Death Demon
41 Lizardmen
42 Lizardmen
44 Spiders, Cyclops Warrior, Lizardman (white) Golem
45 Cyclops Warrior, Lizardmen Golem