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This is the page to list all of the things that we need To Do in this wiki.

If you see an error on a page, please comment on that page.

If some detail is missing from a page, please comment on that page.

Or you can start a discussion in this wiki's forum.

You are also welcome to edit this page or comment on it, and add reminders To Do stuff.

Before suggesting a new page, please see the lists below. We already know these are things To Do. There is no need to add reminders for these items.

Let's Go![]

  • Need more notes about puzzles
  • Add page about how to join beta
  • Document how to create Relics, and add notes about them in other pages
  • Add page about mushrooms and clickable items in hallways
  • Add page about Unity and related development tools
  • Add page about reporting issues
  • and...
  • and...

And I can't believe you threw my edit away simply because I went to another broswer tab to check something.

Items will be removed from this list as they are completed. If you see your suggesting is missing, check the history notes of this page for references about what was done to address the suggestion.