Moonshades Wiki

The cruel wolf dungeon is a very basic dungeon filled with skeletons, there are two hidden rooms throughout the level. Hidden rooms are behind a wall that can be opened by tapping on the right spot on the wall. You should see a message when you tap on it if the wall can be opened.

there are 3 cage doors. One can be opened using a key found on this level. One can be opened by flipping a lever. And the last one, you will need to flip 5 levers in a correct order. The hints for flipping order can be found on the level, and they will be added to your notes.

There is a statue standing in the middle of a big hall. When you tap on it, you should see a message saying about ”You need to reap before you sow.” What you need to give this statue is a weapon or helm with quality better than normal. What you gain for a weapon is increase chance of critical hit for a limited time and for a helm is a forge rune. Higher quality weapon gives higher critical hit rate and the higher the level equals more time. Level 50 legendary is over 12% rate and more than 30 mins time.