Moonshades Wiki

When you enter this level you will see a short hallway beyond the stairs. Directly forward and to the left is an orgre. Once you kill that ogre, there is a short hallway with blue sparkles moving across it at the end of the hallway. The blue sparkles move to a hidden door. The sparkles don't do anything else. Behind the door is a treasure chest.

Moving down the main hallway, you will see an odd looking rock at the end. Before you get there turn to the right because another ogre brute will eventually come around the corner. If the ogre isn't there wait for it to show up. If you have magic arrow it is easier to kill it but you can also kill it with melee weapons or Lightening Orb or Fireballs. Once it is dead, collect the ingot from the magic rock. This rock will give a gold or bronze ingot most times. On very rare occasions it will give you one of the purple ingots.

You'll need all three of these ingots (gold, bronze, and purple) and  a zash rune to make an air element orb which can be used to create relics in the magic forge.

After the rock, about half way down the hallway is a door on the left. Use a common key to open the door. There is a treasure chest and a trap door to The Pits in this room. Back in the hallway move further to the end of the hallway and turn right at the T-intersection. Follow the hallway right then left. Watch for the glowing mushrooms. This set of mushrooms can be harvested at least twice each day. There is another brown mushroom around the corner that you can harvest. These two will yield the blue and green mushrooms you need for a guest for Rath Highrock on the Blacksmith level. You can also use these in the Cursed Labrynth level in the red statue near the teleport. A blue mushroom is also needed on this level for the statue near the stairs going up to the previous level.

Moving down the hallway you will see a large room with a teleport pad in the middle. To the left is a statue that you need to place a turquoise item in. That item is in a treasure chest behind a locked door in the hallway behind the teleporter. At the end of the short hallway turn right and kill the ogre then keep following the hall to the right. After turning right at the end of the hallway on the left you'll find the door. Once you have the turquoise item go back to where you entered. Before you enter the teleporter room you'll see a short hallway ahead, keep going, there is a skeleton around the corner. This skeleton is resistant to fire. Now you can place the item in the dish of the statue to open the secret door.

Hidden Rooms

A bit further along the wall with the statue is another wall. There is an ogre in the hall that you need to kill first. Once that is done in this short hallway there is a secret door, there is a second secret door to the right once you enter the first room. There are treasure chests in both rooms. Moving down the hall is a new scroll, right after that there is another hallway to the right with an ogre in the middle. Kill the ogre and keep moving down the hall. When you turn left, there is a room with a locked gate. Use a common key to open it. When you leave continue down a short hallway to the right. Before going down the next long hallway to the left, pause until you see the last ogre in this area. Kill it and take all the treasure. In this area you'll find another room with a locked gate and a hallway with jars. Take all the treasure. When you're done head back down the hallway to the scroll area, Turn right instead of left. You will see a purple fog ahead. Read the hint below to get through it.

HINT: Watch your directions (the compass) to keep going the same direction. There is a scroll and two treasure chests behind the fog. Do the same too leave the area. Once you get back to the main room (the one with the teleporter in it look directly across and a little right to see the last area in this dungeon.

When you enter you'll see a locked gate. The gate can't be opened. Around the corner are two ogres. These will follow you so you'll have to kill both of them first. After you defeat both ogres move to just in front of the stairs without going down them or all of the ogres will regenerate. Turn left and move down the wall. About half way along the wall you'll see a short hallway to your left with an ogre at the end. That ogre won't move until you walk toward it. Use Magic Arrow or fireball to kill it then you can clean out the treasure chests.

The stairs in this room lead to down to the Wild Lair. As you move back towards the room with the teleporter you will see a hallway to the left. This hallway leads to the Enchanted Labrynth. There is a statue before the Spiked Wall trap. Just past the trap is a hallway on the left with treasure and a Fountain of healing so don't worry if you take damage from the wall trap.

Gold Statue Character Buffs

This statue is similar to the blue statue on the Cruel Wolf level. The information below applies to both statues.

You can place uncommon (green text equipment) or better equipment in the statue to gain buffs for your characters. These will apply to both characters. Each buff has a time that it will be in effect for so use these to your advantage. Once an item is taken, the power of the statue is depleted and you will have to wait to use it again. The best items to use are legendary items but you wont have many of those items until you are level 25 or higher. Don't be afraid to try other items when you're characters are lower level.